Spare Bedroom Tax Support

Are you or anyone you know affected by
the spare bedroom tax, Or the 555 tax?

What is the spare bedroom tax,
Or the 555 tax?

The poorest 5% are affected; less than 5% can move to smaller properties
and it affects less than 5% of the spare bedrooms in the UK.

The United Nations wants the spare bedroom tax abolished.

Also it violates article 25 of the declaration of human rights and in
many ways violates the human rights act 1998.

Scotland has abolished it for the next year.

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Employment & Support Allowance: Your Appeal

HM Courts & Tribunals Service

The Video the UK Government want banned….

Published: Jun 30, 2012

Sue Marsh wrote about a video by the Ministry of Justice’s (MoJ) that had been taken off YouTube again. The video was pulled after less than a week, on the orders of senior officials. Independent benefits expert Neil Bateman discovered that the video was taken down after employment minister Chris Grayling emailed the ministry complaining about it.

Why does Chris Grayling find the video offensive? Because it tells claimants:

They are twice as likely to win their appeal if they appear in person rather than having a paper hearing;
That the DWP doesn’t normally send a representative to the hearing;
To send additional evidence to the tribunal, when Grayling wants it sent to the DWP.