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Ring the DWP for FREE

Use the following numbers to contact the DWP for free.



JCP – Job Centre Plus

NISSA – Northern Ireland Social Security Agency

PDCS – Pensions, Disability & Carers Service

TPS – The Pension Service


AA – Attendance

DLA – Disability Living Allowance

ESA – Employment & Support Allowance

IB – Incapacity Benefit

IS – Income Support

PIP – Personal Independence Payment


UPDATE 15-12-2016 *Many of the freephone numbers have been pulled by the DWP who now want you to pay for your enquiries! Numbers which have been cancelled are deleted with a strikethrough.




PIP New Claims Textphone



Benefit Enquiry Line for AA, DLA, Carer’s Allowance & Carer’s Credit



State Pension Textphone



Jobcentre Plus Textphone



Jobcentre Plus – Welsh



DLA / AA Main Benefit Enquiry Line



Pension Credit Application Line



Customer First Line



First Contact New Claims



First Contact New Claims – Welsh



New Claims Crisis Loans



New Claims Crisis Loans – Welsh



ESA Fresh Claims



Customer Payment Centre – Shared Services



Method of Payment Reform



DWP Emergency Line



DWP Emergency Line – Welsh



New Claims Crisis Loans



Pension Credit



State Pension New Claims



State Pension New Claims – Welsh



State Pension New Claims



Pension Credit New Claims



IB (IS) Re-assessment



PIP Fresh Claims
(not operational until PIP goes live in NI)



PIP New Claims Service Line





This list is currently being reviewed and is expected to be slightly amended/updated in the near future



Did you know that there is STILL a freephone number for directory enquiries? It’s run by 118 and if you can just put up with a little advert, then you can place a free enquiry. The number is:

0800 118 3733


Need Extra Time Form Filling?

Remember, you are allowed an extra 2 weeks extension on form filling but you’ll need to request this first by phoning the appropriate number. This may give you extra time to contact health professionals or consultants who can support your application. If you can get support from a doctor – fantastic; but if you can get the support of a consultant – or someone higher up in the medical profession – then you stand a better chance of winning your claim.

Petition: Come clean about cuts affecting disabled people

Petition to Ian Duncan Smith and the DWP created by DPAC;

Disabled People have had enough…..

“I say to those watching today and who are genuinely sick, disabled or are retired. You have nothing to fear. This government and this party don’t regard caring for the needy as a burden. It is a proud duty to provide financial security to the most vulnerable members of our society and this will not change. This is our contract with the most vulnerable.”

Iain Duncan Smith – October 2010

As disabled people we’ve spent the last five years enduring attack after attack-we’ve fought back in any way we can. But fear and anxiety are now part of everyday life. Over the past five years we’ve seen our support and whatever security and peace of mind we once had being slowly and methodically being stripped from us .Through a combination of ‘reform’ and the notion of austerity we have been hit by cuts and have borne the brunt of the Coalitions ideological determination to reduce the welfare state.

Basic Human Rights

There’s plenty of statistical evidence to show how the abolition of the Disability Living Allowance, the proposed closure of the Independent Living Fund, the Work Capability Assessment, sanctions and savage cuts to local authority budgets have removed our basic human rights and tried to remove our dignity and fight-and these are just some of the cuts. We’ve also been hit by cuts to our rights to inclusive education,cuts to legal aid, cuts impacting on the right to a home,cuts to our travel support, NHS cuts and many more.

Disabled people are targeted 9 times more than most citizens

Simon Duffy of the Centre for Welfare Reform has calculated the scale of the unfairness, saying simply that when it comes to cuts,‘Disabled people are targeted 9 times more than most citizens. People needing social care are targeted 19 times more than most citizens.’

We have been dismayed at the lack of opposition to these cuts, from some politicians and from some of our fellow citizens. However, we believe the public has fallen prey to a propaganda campaign which has led them to believe that many of us are scroungers and fraudsters. Remember when Grant Shapps said that almost a million people had dropped claims for disability benefit to avoid being assessed, the implication being that they were all fraudsters? This was headline news in the Daily Mail, but when the UK Statistics Authority rebuked Shapps for completely misrepresenting the situation, there was very little coverage, so people were left with a totally false impression.

“grave and systematic violations” of the Human Rights of Disabled People

In 2014 we learned that the United Nations Committee on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities is said to be conducting a confidential inquiry into the “grave and systematic violations” of the human rights of disabled people in the UK.

Welfare Reform Deaths

Every week we learn of more people who have lost their lives due to government policies. We try to keep a records although we know there must be more, and we know that these deaths represent just the peak of a mountain of misery that is being heaped upon people whose lives are already difficult. We believe that if they knew the truth, the ordinary people of this country would be appalled at these policies and their results.

We know there are more cuts to come, both the Tories and Labour have vowed to continue their notion of austerity. The Tories have said there will be 12 billion pounds of further cuts

​The IFS have said we face cuts of 21 billion by 2020.​ Leaks say that again these will target disabled people and what’s left of the vital welfare support that many of us have contributed to so that there is a welfare state and safety net in place for all when they need it. We’ve had enough…

Its time all political parties came clean on further cuts to disabled peoples support, instead of false promises and lies

Please, oppose any further cuts to vital support for disabled people and those with chronic health conditions by signing with us below.

How to Handle an Obnoxious Jobcentre Adviser

Too many people are being mistreated at the hands of obnoxious, incompetent, and often malicious advisers. If you have ever had to claim benefits then you probably know the type I mean.

This Welfare Survival Guide gives you tips on how to handle an obnoxious adviser and counteract any unlawful behaviour targeted against you.

Always Record Any Interaction

This is the single most important tip I can recommend. I strongly recommend covertly recording as this prevents any further hassle for you from the Jobcentre Plus/DWP staff and security, it also allows the adviser to feel more secure in displaying the behaviour you are trying to prevent.

You are entitled in law to both covertly and overtly record video and audio in a public place. There are exceptions to this law where children and other vulnerable individuals are involved, however, filming an adviser in person or over the phone is entirely permissible in law.

This Freedom of Information request, shown on the excellent What Do They Know? website, clearly show that recording is allowed (also see the comments by John Slater).

Also, the police have released this useful guide, which also shows the police have no powers to interfere with members of the public who record or take photos in public places, such as the Jobcentre Plus.

No matter what anyone else may say, you are within your lawful rights to covertly record at the Jobcentre Plus. Never tell the staff that you are covertly recording and if they attempt to assault you by grabbing your recording device, call the police immediately, or give them a clear warning that if they attempt to assault you again you will act in self-defence.

Stay Calm, Speak Softly, Annoy Them

For those advisers who are maliciously targeting people, nothing annoys them more than staying calm and non-aggressive when they try to “agitate the customer” in order to unlawfully sanction them.

All customer facing DWP staff have professional training in how to handle “obnoxious” claimants in order to set them up for a sanction or a benefit stoppage. I have had this confirmed on good authority. This means all the reports we hear of the targets is true and the DWP are specifically targeting those they see as “easy targets”, such as those suffering cancer, mental health issues, or simply those whom forget to take their job search diary.

Stay calm, no matter how the adviser is trying to agitate you. Remember, this is a battle of wills and you have the upper hand because you can simply refuse to play their game. If you feel you may not be able to remain calm, take someone with you who can act as a calming influence should you become harassed by the adviser.

Speaking softly shows that you are not being verbally aggressive and this will annoy the adviser no end. If they ask you to speak up, simply request that they lean closer. Never raise your voice or they may use this as a reason to eject you from the building.

Annoy them by refusing to play their game and asking them obnoxious questions back. You can be as sarcastic as you like as long as you are calm, speaking softly and refraining from profanity.

Arm Yourself With Knowledge

If you can read up on the relevant legislation and find out in-depth knowledge specific to your case, you will probably know more than most advisers. I aren’t saying it is all their fault because a lot of their incompetence comes from improper training (or deliberately improper training) and bad management, however, if you have more knowledge than the adviser, you will win 10 times out of 10.

It can be difficult to know how to interpret the relevant legislation, however, the Freedom of Information requests found on What Do They Know? are invaluable sources of welfare information which relate to the many issues suffered by benefit claimants.

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