Below is a collection of useful and informative leaflets that may help give you the strength and confidence to continue your struggle.

Housing Benefit Delays

Waited Ages to Get Housing Benefit?

Don’t put up with it. The Council are legally obliged to make you regular interim payments.

Leamington Claimants Union


The Law on Social Security

The Law on Social Security

All Service Providers must make reasonable adjustments for Disabled People.

Salford Unemployed & Community Resource Centre


Challenge your benefit sanction

How to Challenge Your Benefit Sanction

The unprecedented wave of sanctions is part of the government’s war on the poor. The rich are trying to get us to pay for the crisis caused by their greed and the chaos of the global profit system.

Leamington Claimants Union


austerity isn't working

Austerity Isn’t Working: There is an Alternative

“Politics is about choices – and there is always a choice and always an alternative”

Public & Commercial Services Union


get your voice heard

Get your voice heard: a guide to campaigning at Westminster

This booklet provides advice and information about how to work with MPs to raise awareness of your campaign at Parliament.

House of Commons Information


read between the lines

Read between the lines: confronting the myths about the benefits system

People generally stigmatise benefit claimants when they see these claimants as ‘undeserving’ of the financial support they receive through social security.




Warwickshire Local Welfare Scheme

The policy is intended to support those people in Warwickshire who are in greatest need and will aim to facilitate a non-monetary solution to meet their immediate need.

Warwickshire County Council



Benefit Appeals Checklist

You can print an pdf icon Appeals Checklist to keep and tick off when you have done each step. This has more detail and space for you to write down dates or other notes.

Glasgow City Council



JSA sanction advice & tips

Get advice from a Law Centre, Citizen’s Advice Bureau or Council Welfare Rights service or a trusted adviser, if unsure of how to challenge a benefit sanction.

Boycott Workfare


cut the tax gap flyer

Cut the Tax Gap, Not Public Services (flyer)

PCS, together with the Tax Justice Network and War on Want, are putting forward a number of proposals which we believe would lead to a fairer and more efficient tax system.

Public and Commercial Services Union


pcs alternative to cuts

The PCS alternative to cuts

The government says cuts in jobs, public services, pay and pensions are essential to pay for the
national deficit.

Public and Commercial Services Union


bedroom tax support

Spare Bedroom Tax Support Leaflet

Are you or anyone you know affected by the spare bedroom tax, Or the 555 tax? What is the spare bedroom tax, Or the 555 tax?

Leamington Claimants Union